Team Rubicon VP Programs & Field Operations, David Burke on a Great New Initiative With Mountian Dew

The National Defense welcomes Davide Burke, a retired Marine Corps Logistic Officer deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan and now VP of Programs and Field Operations for Team Rubicon.  Team Rubicon has partnered up with Mtn Dew for another year supporting their efforts to help those affected by both major and "low attention" disasters.

Enter for a chance to win weekly prizes at and donate to Team Rubicon. You’ll earn exclusive rewards when you do. Grab a DEW and Fuel the Mission today. 

Matthew McConaughey on The National Defense! (07/04/20)

The National Defense is thrilled to welcome Academy Award Winner Matthew McConaughey to our Independence Day show!  Randy Miller and Matthew discuss his time at home with family, the emergence of "Bobby Bandito" (a character encouraging folks to wear masks, as well as his work in the community through his fantastic Just Keep Livin' Foundation.  Matthew McConaughey's   The guys talk about golf and much more to wrap up the segment.  Thanks to Matthew for all the great entertainment and for supporting our men and women in uniform!

Actor John Savage on The National Defense (07/04/20)

The National Defense is excited to welcome long-time character actor John Savage to the show to discuss his roles on both television and the big screen in this segment.  John stars in the CBS Series SEAL team as well as the incredible film The Last Full Measure, and talks about how his own father's experience losing his whole squad at Guadalcanal and the subsequential fallout affected his upbringing.  John has brought life to countless characters in uniform to life and we thank him for being on the program!

Jimmy Jia, Head of Marketing & Operations - Gillette Ventures 

The National Defense has a lot of great partners and we're especially proud of those that have paused their normal day-to-day operations to gear up Americans in much needed PPE gear during the coronavirus pandemic.  Randy welcomes Jimmy Jia, Head of Marketing and Operations for Gillette Ventures, to talk about how a grass roots efforts within Gillette's engineering and tooling staff led Gillette to produce a large number of face shields on their assembly floors.  This isn't the first time that Gillette has stopped making blades in order to support American efforts, and we salute them for their efforts!

VSP Vision Care Eye Insights With Dr. Jen Chinn on The National Defense (07/04/20)

The National Defense welcomes back the VSP Vision Care Eye Insights segment as we welcome back Dr. Jennifer Chinn to the show for more great vision tips.  In this week's show, Dr. Jen talks about how your next eye exam will look very different than what you may have experience 6 months or 12 months before.  Dr. Chinn gives some great advice to our active duty military listeners as well.

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