Command Chief Master Sergeant Anthony Brinkley, CEO of On the Brink Consulting (04/04/20)

The National Defense kicks off a show this week guaranteed to lift your spirits and give some food for thought while America and the world continues it's fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.  Randy and Jerry welcome retired Command Chief Master Sergeant Anthony Brinkley, CEO of On the Brink Consulting, to the show to discuss the current state of affairs and some tips he has for everyone on earth, especially members of the military, when it comes to our current situation.

Legendary Comedian Tommy Chong Joins The National Defense! (04/20)

Randy and Jerry welcome the legendary comedian Tommy Chong to The National Defense!  Tommy has a new mobile game coming soon that looks really fun called "Cheech and Chong's Bud Farm" which he talks about as well as memories of his long-running career with partner Cheech Marin.  It is, after all, the 4th month of '20, so sit back and enjoy a few minutes with Tommy Chong, Basketball Jones, and ask where Dave is!

Wounded Warrior Project CEO, Mike Linnington on The National Defense (04/04/20)

The National Defense is proud to welcome back Mike Linnington, CEO of Wounded Warrior Project, to the show.  Randy and Mike discuss the current initiatives that Wounded Warrior Project is undertaking in this time of social distancing and COVID-19, as well as the special considerations that are taken when dealing with members of the military community.   Wounded Warrior Project is continuing their mission to help heal and maintain both the physical and emotional health of America's heroes.  We salute Mike Linnington and all the folks at Wounded Warrior Project for their continued mission!

Ford Motor Company's Mike Levine Talking Respirator Production (04/04/20)

Randy welcomes Mike Levine from Ford Motor Company to briefly discuss the announcemnt Ford made about a week ago to shift their focus on producing vehicle parts to making parts, in partnership with 3M, for much needed ventilators around their North American plants.  Before any Executive Order invoking The Defense Production Act, Ford answered the call to support our country by stepping up to produce these much needed supplies.  Stay tuned for more information on this new short-term mission for Ford!

Team Rubicon's Art delaCruz on The National Defense (04/04/20)

Randy and Jerry welcome back a longtime friend of the program, Art delaCruz from Team Rubicon, to discuss their approach to the pandemic in supporting those around the country that need it.  By using a "neighbors helping neighbors" focus, Team Rubicon is continuing their important mission to help support great organizations like Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, and local food pantries.  By supporting the needs of food, shelter, and water, Team Rubicon continues to exel in supporting Americans in need.

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