Norah O'Donnell from CBS Evening News Returns to The National Defense (05/01/21)

The National Defense is thrilled to welcome back longtime friend of the radio show, and to all individuals who wear the uniform of the United States Military, Norah O'Donnell.  Norah and her team at CBS were just recently awarded the Scripps Howard Award for Excellence in Broadcast for their reporting on the troubling prevalence of sexual assaults amongst the ranks of our military.  As a result of Norah's great team, as well as the brave men and women who stepped forward to speak about their own harrowing experiences, the newly installed Secretary of Defense has made tackling this issues one of his top priorities.

Green Beret Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient, Joe Lowrey, and Ret. Navy SEAL John Doolittle of KAATSU Global (05/01/21)

The National Defense welcomes back retired Navy SEAL, John Doolittle from KAATSU Global, to the show along with his special guest, U.S. Army Green Beret Sgt. 1st Class Joe Lowrey.  While serving in July of 2014, Joe was shot in his helmet by a PKM round during an intense firefight with Taliban insurgents, and in this segment John and Joe discuss his long road to recovery, his used of KAATSU in his therapy and recovery, and the founding of his own non-profit to aid other veterans in similar circumstances. 

Founder and CEO of The National Veteran Business Development Council, Keith King (05/01/21)

Randy welcomes the creator and CEO of The National Veteran Business Development Council, Keith King, to dive into a really interesting conversation about veteran entrepreneurship, and the very real struggle to differentiate between pretenders and the real McCoy in the world of government contracts.  Keith identified a definite need to assist our heroes who have transitioned to the civilian world, and sought to utilize their skills learned in the service towards a career, and for that, we salute him!

Dave Bezzant, Vice President, T-Mobile for Government (05/01/21)

The National Defense is always happy to highlight the work that T-Mobile is doing to support and salute the members of the U.S. Military and their families, and this week is no different.  Randy welcomes Dave Bezzant, Vice President T-Mobile for Government, to talk about the work that T-Mobile is doing to make remote healthcare through the VA more affordable, more accessible, and more effective.

VSP Vision Care Eye Insights With Dr. Rights on The National Defense (05/01/21)

The National Defense welcomes back the VSP Vision Care Eye Insights segment as we welcome back Dr. Rights back to the show for more great vision tips from VSP Vision Care.  In this week's show, Dr. Rights talks about the specifics of eye health as it pertains to our seniors. As we age, our eye health needs and function can change as well, and Dr. Rights gives us the details on what we should be on the lookout for with our family members, as well as our own eyes.