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This week on the National Defense we welcome Female Aviation Pioneer Wally Funk and talk about her many accomplishments that continue to inspire us day by day. Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans and Rocket Mortgage joins us to discuss everything there is to homes and finances in association with the Executive Leadership Series. Thyme Hill, the CMO of Bob Evans gives us welcoming news on what the company is doing for Veterans and how they are being fed and employed day by day. And Dr. Amanda Rights gives us important information on Back to School Eye Exams for students of all ages. That’s all this week on the National Defense!

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The Misadventures of the Randy Miller Morning Show

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Randy Miller has spent his entire career in the magical world of radio. As a popular morning show host, he bounced around to some incredible places: Pittsburg, Atlanta, San Diego, Cincinnati, Chicago and most of all in Kansas City. He would be hired for his outrageous style, and then once the ratings were up, he’d be kicked out the door, only to be offered more money at another station across the street, or across the country. In 1998, Miller signed the richest contract in Kansas City media history, at the time, for nearly a million dollars a year. 10 years later, Miller was completely broke, nearly homeless and his radio career was over…or so he thought. How did everything come undone? And what lessons did he learn? Stay tuned.

100% of profits will go to Kansas City Fisher House Foundation for wounded veterans.