Randy Miller has spent his entire career in the magical world of radio. As a popular morning show host, he bounced around to some incredible places: Pittsburg, Atlanta, San Diego, Cincinnati, Chicago and most of all in Kansas City. He would be hired for his outrageous style, and then once the ratings were up, he'd be kicked out the door, only to be offered more money at another station across the street, or across the country. In 1998, Miller signed the richest contract in Kansas City media history, at the time, for nearly a million dollars a year. 10 years later, Miller was completely broke, nearly homeless and his radio career was over...or so he thought. How did everything come undone? And what lessons did he learn? Stay tuned.

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Norah O'Donnell

Joe Lowrey and John Doolittle

Keith King

T-Mobile's Dave Bezzant

This week on The National Defense, we feature guests who have made it their mission to serve those that serve the 99% of Americans who do not wear the uniform of the U.S. Military.  CBS Evening News' Norah O'Donnell returns to the show to discuss the investigative reporting on sexual assaults in the military that have lead to some immediate changes to how the military handles internal affairs.  Joe Lowrey and John Doolittle, a Green Beret and a Navy SEAL veteran, talk about traumatic injuries from combat and using KAATSU to help recover from those injuries.  Keith King, the founder and CEO of the National Veterans Business Development Council, talks with Randy about the long road to establishing the gold standard in Veteran Business certification, and T-Mobile's Dave Bezzant discusses T-Mobile's efforts to make accessing VA health care much easier through their wide-ranging communications network.  It's all about helping our veterans this week, and EVERY WEEK, on The National Defense!


President George W. Bush

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Admiral James G. Stavridis

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Alec Baldwin

Demi Moore

Gary Sinise

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Alan Alda

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Martin Sheen

Colin Jost

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Patricia Heaton




Sharon Stone




Robert De Niro


Tommy Chong





Suzanne Somers

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Marie Osmond

Chuck Rosenberg

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Laraine Newman

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Ray Stevens




Bryan Cranston





Kal Penn

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Jeff Dunham

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Sean Evans


Mark Wahlberg





Alfonso Ribeiro

Bradley Cooper


Rachel Maddow




Charlie Sheen

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Jon Stewart

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Ron Howard

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Kevin Costner

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Savannah Guthrie

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Harry Shearer

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Dee Snider

Dolly Parton





Terry Bradshaw

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Rob Riggle


Tom Hanks

General Colin Powell




Medal of Honor Recipient

David Bellavia

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Stephen Colbert

Jay Leno

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Gene Hackman

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Matthew McConaughey

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Dr. Phil

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Martin Sheen

Clint Eastwood

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David Feherty

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Lou Diamond Phillips





Kyra Sedgwick

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Steve Hartman


Bret Michaels

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Michael Martin Murphey

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Donny Osmond

Don McLean




Bob Saget

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Bonnie-Jill Laflin


Lou Gossett Jr

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Wynonna Judd





Rocco DeSpirito

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Norah O'Donnell

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John Lodge


Halle Berry

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Lester Holt
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Daymond John

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Louie Anderson




Lewis Black


George Wallace

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Sheila E

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Jeff Corwin

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Mark Collie

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